Updated: October 20, 2017

Oct 22, 2017
The Skerrit-led Administration continues to display their total disorganization, more then a month after the passage of Hurricane Maria; they are still floundering. You would think that getting air- and sea-ports ready to receive Relief would be a top priority due to the fact that many Dominicans living abroad wished to send packages for their love ones.

Without making adequate preparation with Staff and logistics for clearing the ports, the Prime Minister announced that they would be accepting private packages at the port. However, as is usual for the current administration, they were woefully unprepared to facilitate the unloading of the many containers on the seaport in Roseau and clearance at Douglas-Charles (Melville Hall) airport; the result has been total chaos.

1. Containers have been sitting at the Woodbridge Bay Seaport for weeks with personal packages, without protection, resulting in some vandalism. 

2. In particular, a badge from our neighboring island, Trinidad and Tobago, containing a variety of supplies generously donated by individuals and groups who rushed to our aid was not unloaded ten days after arrival. This has left volunteers and workers languishing at the port, while containers are filled with supplies that could potentially spoil.

No one knows why the Labor Administration would not solicit help from our neighbors to assist with unloading containers in order to get packages and barrels,  to the people who are desperately in need,  in a timely manner.