Updated: December 03, 2022

I sat quietly  and observed for the past 3 years. I waited with baited breath hoping that you would do some soul searching and come to your senses. A son of our Marigot where villagers came together to support you because we were of the belief that we were in the struggle together.  You Gregory got the perfect opportunity to  move to  establishing a unified Marigot.  But alas, you threw that opportunity down the drain. You saw your moment of fame as opposed to seeing Marigot's progress.   It never dawned on us that you were longing to rob shoulders with the so called elite whom you so strongly criticized Somewhere, somehow you think you had arrived at the top and would never need us for support.

We know you had subtle characteristics that earned you the name Bluff.  You took pleasure in trickery, your word always left us wondering. We missed the indicators but as we looked at you with lazar beam scrutiny during your three year term with your new found loves, we saw bright flashes  tainted with  money, power, greed, vindictiveness, the usual bluffer mentality,  claiming fame for projects that you know nothing about, casting aside people who helped you, guided you and paved the way for you to achieve a level of maturity in the community.   All you see now is red, and that's ok, because this has definitely clouded your judgement but left us with eyes wide open.

You are now considered as a hindrance  to progress in the village.  Young people who would normally support you are now expressing that you should just relocate to one of your many portions of land you received at Warner.  Those who you promised to assist recognize and now see you as someone whose word  cannot be trusted.  Those qualified young people who have been trying to keep their head above water are being blocked by you because they share a different political viewpoint from you.  The playing field is not at all even my brother.   The handful of young people who were in your corner are vowing not to support you because of your discriminatory practices.  You stand in the village and Pitt us against each other as you constantly ask your choir members to dress in red to attend all functions,  and don't you dare deny it. You did it for the opening of the Doris Musgrave Health center, you did it for for the recommisoning of the Wills Strathmore School and the list can go on.

Hurricane Maria came, Marigot was dealt a heavy blow our WSS school and other facilities and private homes suffered tremendous damage. The village council, Parliamentary Rep and other stake holders in the community jumped into action and formed a group which was named 3 R committee. Recover, Restore and Rebuild. Were you a member of that group?  Asking for other curious friends. I mention this organization because, it was a sub committe of the 3 R group; which included Principal Alven Abraham and others who engaged the Canadian High Commission, knowing that the school was initially  built by the Canadian Government,  and successfully secured  a commitment from them to restore and rebuild the school.  Then up you come claiming credit for it. Then comes the Hospital, another critical building something you knew nothing  about. Me hear you dey ay claim dat to. 

You came up with fertilizer to be distributed in the village.  The farmers group had the list of farmers and the crops to facilitate the sharing of the fertilizer in a way that was more beneficial  to the farmers. What did you do? You cast aside authentic farmers because you had your own list.  You are now claiming to have refurbished the Fisheries Complex,  Do you know that we all know, the maintenance of this structure has been in place with the Japanese from the time they agreed to build it. The 10 houses you were responsible for, became an issue because you chose to discriminate against die hard labourites and selectively decided to give the houses to your chosen few.  It is by one's actions that they are recognized.  Over Gutter road we all know was done for your launching 3 years ago. Talk to us about the Valley Road that you ripped apart and placed tarish with the hope of fixing it. Three years later , and all the heavy rainfall, the tarish is all gone and no road has been fixed.  You took action to stop our christmas lighting activity last year.  This has been the initiative of  a villager, but your desire to be relevant set you in competition with her and because your event didn't quite go as planned, you in your position of authority robbed us Marigotians from enjoying ourselves.  Covid came you were sharing little yellow bags again you showed full blown discrimination by giving assistance to those you thought were in your corner.  So how now you going to every door trying beg them for support. 

So now,  you just wake up and realize you need,  because, your Chief in command has announced his election. This will affect you right?  You have not served a five year term so you busy in the village, you remember every hole in the Marigot and you walking, and you talking misleading people again and again. Adding more promises to the unbroken ones of the previous cycle.  Your to do list is longer this time because you have incomplete tasks and you are now adding more to it. Who does that?  So now you remember everybady. De Valley people ay get wah nehda six fou wha nine, you saying again you will fix Valley road, you will give people assistance with their restaurant, you will will give land paper, Hospital will open, mini stadium will come.  Wooow.  You even have your eye on the possibility of you being Prime Minister since you feel you ah wah senior member ah Laba. What do you expect us to do?  Fall for those sweet sayings.

Another thing, you claim you love us so much, yet you busy threatening our dear elderly people to take away di pittance of 300 dollars if they doh vote for you. Alas Gregory some a dem same people dey help to look after you we. Then our NEP employees under pressure from you too because you telling them if they don't vote for you dey will loose their job, while at de same time you in public saying their pay will increase, but alas what Marigot people  do you so?

Gregory my dear. If I may quote your Chief in command  "How you make your bed is so you will sleep in it."   This is so applicable to you and your kind of service.
 What should have been a walk in the park for you has now become a very tiring trek up a extremely steep hill.  Who do you blame Gregory? 

I smile, you may ask why, this is  because someone who grew up around people who  used idioms all the time,  it baffles me that you never took heed.  Here are a few others which  were always used in the village. I encourage  you to always keep them close at hand.  Yes my boy  "make new friends, but keep the old 'cause one is silver the other is gold",   "honesty is the best policy",   "arle dag hah des day". 

Put these into context and see which is applicable to your situation. Always keeping at the fore front the one that your leader dash at us last weekend "How you make your bed that is so you will sleep in it"; so put this in your pipe and smoke it.  

From Marigot with Love.