Updated: August 20, 2023

November 3, 2023 marks 45 years of Independence for Dominica.  For greater than half of that time, twenty-three  years, the island will have been governed by the Dominica Labor Party (DLP) Administration. What does this island have to celebrate for the past 23 years of DLP Administration? The answer depends on who you ask and, more importantly, on their political, social and economic circumstances. With exception of pure scientific factum, for example the earth is round rather than flat, there are no absolutes in life. However, it is clear that relative to 23 years ago when this island had a diverse economy based on agriculture, tourism and light manufacturing among other things, today the island's economy is based on a single commodity, sale of its citizenship to foreigners. The void generated from lost of the aforementioned activities has been taken up by the 'Barrel Economy' and 'remuneration from the large Dominican Diaspora' numbering north of 60,000 persons who now reside in the USA, UK, EU, Canada and other Caribbean islands. A smaller segment of the void is filled by China which now has an oversized influence on the governing administration and island's politics through its 'debt-trap' initiative.

As an observer of International Turmoil and history of Autocracy and Dictatorship, a seminal lesson is obvious. Dominica Labor Party is prepared to maim and even kill those who oppose its desire to stay in power and rule Dominica till 'the end of time'.  DLP is prepared to bend the truth and manipulate a docile electorate at all cost. The purpose of hanging on to this tangible modality of existence are no different from that in other emerging or existing dictatorship. Their aim is to have access to the Billions of dollars in Dominican Citizenship Sale that they have been able to squirrel away in broad day light. Simultaneously, there is growing despair among a significant segment of Dominica’s population. They are of the belief that things will NEVER get better on the island unless drastic measures are instituted. This new reality on the ground is the basis for an uncanny apprehension about the state of affairs on the island and the reason why many are fleeing with no plan of returning unless the governing structure changes. 

No New Developmental Initiative
Although the DLP has been governing Dominica for more than 23 years, no one can point to a single sustainable development initiative that this governing entity has brought to the island. Instead, they have neglected agriculture and agro-industry to the point that this aspect of the economy is dead. Contrast this with similar agricultural economies throughout the rest of the Caribbean. For instance, in St Vincent & Grenadines, output and sales to the Caribbean region, Europe and North America has increased. In the approximately 3-years of COVID-19 pandemic, demand for agricultural products grew. Agricultural industry  across the globe have shown steady growth and, in North American states and Canadian Provinces with large agro-based economy, has shown impressive expansion. Interestingly, during the same period that Dominica Labor Party and its advisers were claiming that agriculture is a 'has been' industry, wealthy Americans have been busy acquiring agricultural lands and pumping out product; Gates and his former wife are now the largest owners of private farmland in the USA, owning a whooping 270,000 acres (1.5 time the size of Dominica) in agricultural farmland. They have recognized the long-term potential of agriculture and the importance of food security to well being of a country.  In contrast, DLP and many Dominicans have been 'spinning top in mud' with CBI Citizenship Sales in the mistaken belief that this is a never-ending source of free money, free housing and easy wealth. But alas, the CBI money tree may soon die. First the United Kingdom and now the European Union are now tightening the screws on this questionable practice of selling nationality and diverting proceeds from the consolidated funds of this struggling nation

Danger Lurking  

The rank-and-file supporters of opposition parties in Dominica have grown increasingly frustrated especially in the past 10 years.  There is a progressively depressing sentiment that the entire system has collapsed and will never support efforts at surviving in this difficult island. The majority of these persons cannot find work, independent contractors are shut out from government contracts, independent engineers,  electricians, plumbers are having difficulties with meeting day-to-day commitments including, feeding and housing their families. Unemployment is up to 80% among some segments of society. In contrast, many who support the Dominica Labor Party (DLP) including the Foreign-owned companies like  MMCE (Lebanese), Preconco (Barbados) and Rayneau (St. Lucia), sectors of the Hotelier Class (Fort Young, Secret Bay, Jungle Bay, Intercontinental Hotel at Cabrits [formerly Kempinski]), Citizenship-selling developers and some merchants hold the view that things are great and DLP Administration is excelling at making Dominica the envy of other OECS countries. It is not clear on which planet this latter group resides, but the consequences of this disparity are stark. Time is not on the side of tranquility. Unless, remedies are developed, quickly; Dominica is at the risk of exploding into civil unrest. Alternatively, like Haiti, the island will continue to experience a progressive population loss as individuals and families feel obliged to continue outward migration and those who are left wallowing in misery make the decision to 'leave things in God's Hand' and simply prepare to meet their maker.
Recipe for A Catastrophe
In its present social configuration, Dominica is manifesting all the characteristics of a country in decay. A country where 'what used to be wrong is now right'; where behavioral anomalies like stealing, lying, abusing the countries resources  are now the norm at all levels of governance, the police service, and even in the court system. This island is governed by a party that has seeded power to a select group of corrupt politicians operating under the guise of a Dominica Labor Party Administration. The hand-picked President, Charles Savarin, is an unscrupulous, veracious and embarrassing opportunist.  The  reality is that these individuals and groups (Roosevelt Skerrit, Reginald Austrie, Rayburn Blackmore, Vince Henderson, Kenneth Darroux, foreign-owned companies like MMCE and  the other conspirators) care neither about Dominica nor the Dominica Labor Party. Their overarching interest is to amass wealth and property while doing everything illegal to cling to power. To achieve and maintain this feat, they have surrounded themselves with a cadre of corrupt and dishonest attorneys and advisors, themselves Citizenship Sellers, whose sole demand is "...pay us more money and we will continue to protect and support...".  The result has been pervasive public corruption and insensitivity to public discontent. The confluence of these circumstances are stark. Widespread poverty, growing disparity and asymmetric representation among other maladies. Most importantly, the DLP's form of governance has lead to Human Right Violation including infringement on voting rights. As  a result, Dominica is quickly heading towards a catastrophe in which more lives will be lost. That is, in addition to those lost because of mismanagement of the health system. 
Democracy has Failed Dominicans
A clear sign that danger lies ahead and democracy has failed is the involvement of central government in all aspects of daily living;  whether it is at the level of village councils,  community services, broadcasting, policing, or whatever. Notwithstanding its claim of being popular, DLP candidates have not been able to garner a majority of positions in key local, village council elections. This is the 'canary in the coal mine' and a reflection of the corruption that has kept the DLP in power for more than 20 years and, of 'things to come'. Given that the current administration does not reflect the will of the people on island, but instead reflect how lying, cheating, stealing and manipulation of state resources can be used to advantage corrupt political parties, it is obvious that the only avenue to maintain this legacy is for DLP to continue with more of the same.  

To be successful in ridding Dominica of a government of undesirables, who have no qualms about stealing elections, misappropriating state funds for their benefit, it is time for Dominicans at home and abroad to focus singularly on a national, regional and international strategy to de-legitimize this group that through deceit and crockedness has mismanaged the island affairs for almost one-quarter century. All Dominicans on island and abroad who value life, human dignity and the liberty to live free from constant government interference must pledge to support all efforts (monetary, material, in-kind) to rid the island of a despicable group of 'excuse for humans' who persist on returning the island to foreign master for few dollars! But lets not hold out breath! 
With a generation of individuals who have grown up under the DLP values that one should achieve success and wealth by any means necessary, things are not likely to change in Dominica for at least another generation. 

But, history will not be kind to all those individuals, public organizations and self-serving business enterprises that sat quietly while Dominica was destroyed by a ruthless political pariah party headed by a pathologic liar with a thirst for ‘all things green and shiny’