Updated: February 15, 2018
The focus of this Blog is on Dominica, the Caribbean and International Affairs.  In particular, the blog focuses on how the interaction of Politics, Environment, Health and Culture impact those on island. We address the influence of politics, environmental changes and health services on various aspects of life on island.  The blog also highlights diverse environmental issues  (Air and water Pollution, Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Resource Management) and common, non-communicable diseases and how these may interact to impact people. While the majority of posts targets Commonwealth of Dominica (Dominica),  several address realtionship between that country, regional entities and the International family of nations and organizations (including various UN agencies). The aim is to provide reliable and accurate information and to discuss innovative ideas that could influence Dominica and the Caribbean Small Island States. A key objective in the Dominica focus is to promote reasonable and productive changes in discourse, free speech, political behaviour and developmental thrust as the island forges ahead in its quest to resurrect its economy and shape the progress of people in the region.

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