Updated: April 22, 2018

It is estimated that by 2050, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish, by weight. Therefore, it is very fitting that this year's theme for Earth Day is to "End  Plastic Pollution".   The UN has warned that the life in the oceans is under the greatest threat from plastic pollution and may suffer irreparable damage.The oceans are choking with plastic. Plastic debris kills millions of sea creatures every year because they mistakenly eat the plastic.

Why is there so much plastic pollution? A major factor contributing to this looming disaster is widespread  mismanagement of plastics. In fact, waste management has not kept up to speed especially with the booming plastic culture. Single use plastic products accounts for the majority of the plastic pollution in the world. Approximately 91% of the plastic used in the world, especially in developing countries, is not recycled. All this loose plastic is wreaking environmental havoc on the planet.

Today, as the world celebrate Earth Day 2018, citizens can vow to adopt simple ways to reduce their own plastic use to enhance survival of this planet.

1. Reduce plastic trash by using reusable shopping bags at the supermarket.

2. Say no to plastic drinking straws.

3. Buy food in cardboard containers whenever you can.

4. Stop chewing gum because you may be chewing on plastic.

 5. Buy in bulk as often as possible.

6. Use / reuse glass containers to store Food

7. Use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs.

Governments need to be more aggressive in decreasing plastic pollution. As it turns out, the main polluters in that case are all in Asia. These countries need to seriously reconsider their insatiable and indiscriminate use of plastic.  The Caribbean Countries, though minor contributors to plastic pollution, need to play their part as some countries strive on a path to climate resilience. Develop and maintain proper waste disposal protocols and, where possible, a Caribbean regional plan to tackle and reduce plastic pollution.