Updated: December 02, 2018

"And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray".  Matthew 24:11

On Sunday November 25th 2018, many on the Island of Dominica were caught in what seem to be religious fervor. Dominicans attended a free religious concert, funded by the Government of Dominica and, billed as a Thanksgiving Gospel concert aimed at unifying Dominicans. This event proceeded despite major controversies engulfing the concert, in that the very person (Roosevelt Skerrit) who claimed to be unifying the country, was at the center of disarray. It was painfully obvious that there was no unification occurring on the stage, in that not a single member of the Opposition parties were present.  They were not invited to take part in the event. This was a Political Stunt and it should be treated as such.The Prime Minister and his Cabinet were front and center of the hailing and blessings.  For what? For being the worst Administration ever in Dominica? What exactly was the the intention of that Concert? Maybe it was an exorcism!!

At the center of that charade in Dominica, was Prophet Janal Browne from Barbados, supposedly the guest speaker. Really!  Many may not be aware that this Janal character  is one of the modern Day prophets that preach the gospel of prosperity. In plain language, their raison d'etre is MONEY. These people espouse something that is a perversion of the Gospel of Jesus in that they are convinced that the more you believe in Christ and give to them or Church, the more you will receive. In order words, as a Christian you need to give in order to get material compensation from God. Those so called prophets believe they can use prayer as a tool to force God to grant prosperity. They promote themselves as being able to predict financial windfalls and new sources of financial and business gains for their followers. Prophet Jamal is one who boasts of the amount of money he was able to predict for his followers.  His predictions of future wealth was on full display at the Concert. According to him every person in the audience was standing next to a millionaire. What a fraud?

It seems that Prophet Janel has had extensive training in prophetic Ministry and wealth transfer from the Needy. How does anyone learn to be a prophet?. Isn't this supposed to be a gift? Oh yes!. He must have learnt the skill from one of the mega profiteers, Benny Hinn, who he said picked him out of a a gathering of 17,000 at a crusade in Trinidad in 2013 and, after that his gift just excelled. Of course it was staged! For those who may not have heard of Benny Hinn, he is one of the world's most recognized 'faith healer'- whatever that means.  He  runs  carefully crafted healing crusades to manipulate those in attendance.  Therefore, many people give money hoping money will help activate a miracle. Incidentally, not one of Hinn's miracles has ever been verified.  So, it was not surprising that in April 2017 he was visited by the Criminal Division of the US IRS in relation to tax fraud. Hence, Prophet Janal is well versed as he has had a great tutor with similar fraudulent bent.

'?Prophet?' Janal was brought to Dominica to deliver a speech aimed at glorifying an insecure Roosevelt Skerrit and his hapless Cabinet as visionary. Really!. How did these  visionary leaders miss that Ross University School of Medicine was going to leave Dominica?  'Prophet' Janal did what he was employed to do, extol the fake virtues of Skerrit and his band of inept Cabinet members. How much did the Government of Dominica pay this Fraudster to interfere with the country's political arena. He seem to have no problem showering accolades on Roosevelt  Skerrit.  Janal claims to have predicted political outcomes of several elections in the Caribbean; curiously, he is also exposed to the same pools that many see / hear.  Interestingly, Janal was concerned that the PM was not getting the respect he deserved. Clearly trying to influence the public. What he failed to state is that respect is earned, not demanded. It seems Janal and Skerrit belong together as a 'Duo of Wannabes'.

It is obvious that 'Prophet' Janal did not come to Dominica to enlighten the Dominican people on the teachings for repentant and reunification. Janal is a Fraudster. Real prophets usually acknowledge poverty, exploitation and injustice. They speak the uncomfortable truths that are usually not very popular;  there was barely a word of such from this prophet's mouth. It seems his job was to exalt Mr. Skerrit as the chosen one and chastised those he perceive was not giving him the respect he deserved.  Fake Prophet Janal's behavior was totally contrary to the teachings of Christ who does not condone judgement and self righteousness.  This character Janal proceeded to pass judgement on issues that he knew nothing about and decided to take sides to promote the political agenda of the person who had employed him. But, one should not expect anything better from a protege of Benny Hinn who goes around performing fake miracles. There are numerous reports of people who were convinced by Benny Hinn that they were healed and, threw away medications, only to succumb to their disease.

False Prophet Janal may have come to Dominica and left with his loot, laughing all the way to his Bank.  One thing is certain, he can not fool all of the people all of the time. One day, sooner rather than later, he and all of his abominable Faith Healers (more like snake oil salesmen) will have to face the music. It will not be pleasant. Dominica Labor Party Administration is scraping the bottom of barrel and False Prophet Janal has been paid to rescue them. Those selfish and inhumane people cannot see that the money spent on that Concert and Janal could have been better spent covering the homes of the more unfortunate in our society who are still living under tarpaulin. Alternatively, many of our health centers could have benefited by this money. What a waste of the Dominican people's money!