Updated: July 14, 2019

"There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt or vile men" ... Luwig Von Mises 

Clearly, the current Dominica Labor Party (DLP) Administration, its operatives and apologists have failed to understand a fundamental tenet of Public Corruption. The use of public funds to accrue political advantage is Corrupt; nothing less. In other countries, politicians and their operatives have been convicted and dragged off to jail for lesser infractions. Yet, in Dominica, this principle does not seem to apply. Notwithstanding, elected official, un-elected operative and sympathetic career officials see nothing wrong with this practice in Dominica and beyond its shores. As the possibility that the Dominica Labor Party may loose it grip on power starts to come into focus, the abuse of the public purse is accelerating. 

The most recent evidence of corruption in Public Office occurred in Dominica on Sunday June 30, 2019. Under the cover of dark, around 200 persons (purportedly the chair-leading crew) was spirited off to Antigua via chartered Ferry to cheer/clap/howler at a DLP campaign rally. The whole event was strange and uncanny. More importantly, it remains unclear whether these native Dominicans paid any Port Fees in this foray to save a unpopular Political Party. What is most striking is that no one knows about the source of funds for undertaking such a lift of supporters to another island.  Stranger yet: this has never occurred in other Caribbean islands. A party in power for almost 20 years, transports supporters to another state to serve as cheerleaders in its quest to urge Dominican living in the other country (Antigua) to come home to ensure that Party wins the next General election.  Obviously, the DLP does not have the support of Dominicans on island and is desperate. So where is the corruption? Firstly, evading applicable customs fees and secondly use of dark money for campaigning. Labor Party has not held a single fundraising activity in the past 15 years. Yet they are always rolling in dough! A new multi-million dollar headquarters is being completed in Roseau? What is the source of all this largess?

Now lets turn to more blatant in-your-face corruption. While there are several examples, two are particularly gnarling. Earlier this year, while handing over keys to new housing in Bellevue Chopin, PM Skirrit bold-barefacedly states to recipients that 'Labor is giving you housing so you must keep labor in the House (meaning House of Assembly)'. Skerrit knows it is not Labor Party money, but he does not care as Dominicans have permitted this scamp to  get away with crass, in-your-face corruption for years and he feels no one can stop him. Of course Skerrit is a coward who hides behind the Speakers Skirt in Parliament and Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon goons in public. So he feels invincible. Next, we have the case of blabber-mouth, tete-Calbash, Minister of Agriculture Reginald Austrie. Pity this fool as he knows not what he utters. At a recent campaign rally in Newton, Reggie lamented the fact that some 'Laborites' were fighting amongst themselves and destroying the Party because they had not received their Stove or Fridge. His solution: vote Labor party at the next election and you will get your fridge, stove, house or whatever you feel you have not yet received. No kidding! Now one understands why the DLP administration wanted to table a Bill in Parliament in Feb 2017 to legalize 'Cheating and Treating' during elections.This is their only way of surviving.

Finally, there is the recent cast of the putative candidate for the Concorde and Marigot constituency in the north east, Mr. Greg Reviere. For the second time in the past year, we have un-elected individuals handing over checks for housing repair / upgrade in that constituency. The initial case involved Dayton Baptiste, who was dumped as a potential candidate; he handed over a check for XCD$2million to the said village council. The question: what in the world is un-elected candidate doing with handing over checks to Constituency? Many thought that Greg (King Caressa) was a more upstanding character who would not descend into the trough of government corruption especially because he had written and sang calypsos to the contrary. What a shame? The upcoming parliamentary general election in Dominica is shaping up to be a nasty chapter in its  history.  So, how should Dominicans approach and manage what is undoubtedly the worst challenge in its history as a young Democracy? 

This aforementioned challenge, entrenchment of a Corrupt Administration which does not understand or appreciate that governments are elected to serve the public is daunting and, without skillful management will lead to irreversible harm that no future Administration or the World will able to rectify. In this regard Haiti comes to mind; it is not lost on many Dominicans that because of damage done many years of mismanagement and corruption that this country is still suffering fifty years after Papa Doc and subsequently Baby Doc's reigns.  In a normal democracy, the challenge facing Dominica could be overcome through the a simple but important process of exercising one's franchise. In Dominica, it is a 3-step process that is turning out to be complex. Firstly, Dominicans have to do 'whatever it takes' to ensure a clean voters list and voter ID cards, so dead people and persons who are not on island do not continue to vote. Secondly, opposition parties need to ensure that votes are not stolen or discarded on election day, as happened in the Grand Fond and St. Joseph constituencies in 2014. Finally, Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon and his small circle of corrupt Police Administrators need to reminded that their role is not to protect those coming on island on election Day to vote illegally, but rather to protect the constitution. Their oath is not to Labor Party or any other Political Party, but to faithfully execute and uphold the laws the Country in accordance with the constitution!