Updated: June 08, 2019
Dominicans  who travel to other OECS and CARICOM countries are constantly lamenting the fact that our island is not growing or developing. On multiple economic and developmental markers, we seem to be lagging sister Caribbean countries and, especially OECS states, with respect to  Agriculture, Tourism, manufacturing, water, green energy and other products.  Let face some facts: Despite great natural resource - abundant fresh water, fertile soil, picturesque landscape,  outstanding fishing grounds, unique flora and fauna, things on the island seem to going in reverse for the last 2 decades!  Why? 

Dominica is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean, but also boast a significant percentage of arable land. About 100 years ago it was a leading producer of Vanilla and Citrus in the world.  More recently,  this island had an expansive feeder road system which enabled it to lead other OECS countries in the production of bananas, coconut and coconut product (oil, soaps, animal feed, mattress, broom), cocoa & its  products, ground provision and citrus (oranges, limes, grapefruits). The craft industry, at one time flourished; one could reliably purchase door mats, area mats, wall hanging, hats, caps, picture frames all (locally) made from locally sourced material.  By the end of the last century, the aforementioned economic activities, allowed the island to garner net foreign exchange exceeding $100 million annually from its agricultural and other local products.  

While industrial and economic activities ebb and flow in cycles and, with development of new technology, the island has manifested a steep decline in the past 20 years. What happened in the first 2 decades of the current century? Simply stated, the island saw the advent of  DLP (Dominica Labor Party).  Indeed, prior to Maria in 2017,  DLP  had destroyed the agricultural, tourism, small business and light manufacturing sectors on the island to a degree that will not be rivaled in next 100 years.  The island has never seen anything like it and is not likely to experience this phenomenon when the storm finally passes.

The DLP feeds off the energy and resources of the people of Dominica. Like all storm, DLP is focused on one thing, its survival. It has wrought such destruction on the island and its people that they are vulnerable  to any external perturbation especially those related to climate, food security and finance.  Some of the nation's brightest and most capable have fled, probably never to return. The brave souls (farmers, fisherman, trade professionals, career civil servants, nurses, physicians etc)  who remain on island to hold the fort and weather the storm face persistent harassment and threat of destruction. So, it is no surprise that after the passage of Hurricane Maria (2017) and TS Erika (2015), despite hundreds of millions of dollars being funneled by friendly International Agencies (World Bank, EU) and Governments into the island, it has had challenges recovering.
DLP sympathizers blame all the island's woes on the 2 recent natural disasters, TS Erika and Hurricane Maria. However, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism were destroyed prior to 2015 so this is a nonstarter.

DLP Administration has misgoverned Dominica for the past 19.5 years and, has recklessly allowed all the structural and financial buffers to deteriorate such that the island has been unable to tolerate the stress of any disaster.  This administration and its hangers-on (parasites) were asleep in the honey jar and stood idly, while black sigatoka (black leaf spot) ravaged bananas and citrus greening disease devastated the island's  banana and citrus. For instance, no one knows what happened to the EU funded BAM (Banana Accompanying Measures) or US100 million forgiven by Venezuela through Petro Caribe. Both of these program were supposed to assist with diversification of the island's economy. In addition, following the passage of TS Erika and Hurricane Marie, instead of using the goodwill and generosity of the International community of Nations to establish a vibrant New Dominica, the Labor Party Administration has abused and squandered the opportunities in the name of promoting their party and further consolidate power. The DLP Storm has overstayed its welcome and is now asking Dominicans to 'please allow it to stay a little longer; another 5-years'. Hell No!

Dominicans have the power to end Hurricane DLP and they should do so with agility and finesse at the next General election, constitutionally due by  May 2020.  The question arises: will Dominica ever recover or will it be relegated to the status of other countries that were destructed by selfish administration with myopic vision for their country and Fellow citizens. Only time and unrelenting commitment by Dominicans on island and abroad along with assistance from noble agencies and government can resurrect this island to its place as a country when persons will desire to live.