Updated: August 23, 2020


It is now 9.5 months since the infamous December 6, 2019 Rigged General Elections in Dominica.  And, the lies and obfuscations continue.   The hope is that a majority of unsuspecting Dominican will continue to succumb to lies, deception and criminality by preoccupying them with meaningless diversions. After all, Dominica Labor Party (DLP) have successfully done so for the past 20 years and, combined with Outright stealing of Elections, have been able to stay in power. DLP Lies, spearheaded by a Sociopath (Roosevelt Skerrit) who manipulated his way into becoming PM of Dominica, seem to have been a formula for success. Why Stop? Why this blunt and harsh critique? Simple! Records and outcomes don't lie! Facts cannot be erased.  Simply stated, Dominica is now one of the poorest countries in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and it is run by the most corrupt administration in the history of the OECS. It may not be long before Dominica start rivaling historically, notorious Administration like those of Eric Gerry (Grenada) or Forbes Burnham (Guyana).

The picture book, Alice-in-Wonderland story presented to potential buyers of Dominican citizenship is just that - fantasy to sell a lie and steal Dominica's Money in board daylight.  Indeed, over the past 2 years, almost EC/XCD $2 billion that should have been in the Consolidated Funds of Government of Dominica and which belongs to the people of Dominica has been misappropriated, some say stolen, by Foreigners (Ali Babas) aided and abetted by the forty thieves (DLP Administration). We are at the 1-year anniversary when missing funds were initially identified by the Parliamentary Opposition after Finance Minister (Roosevelt Skerrit) presented a highly deficient and inaccurate budget to the Parliament.  The missing funds, XCD/EC $1.2 billion, were identified by the Opposition Leader and the Finance Minister admitted and promised to explain where the funds could be found and 'put the Opposition leader to shame'.  Suddenly, an illegal and fictitious "Housing Option" hitherto unknown to Dominicans,  magically appeared to explain the location of the missing funds.  Yet, 1-year later, Dominicans are still trying to determine when this entity was established, who manages this fund and how much money is currently in this 'mysterious Fund'.   If that is not shameful and regrettable then, nothing else can rise to the level of disbelief in this once proud Caribbean island.  Dominica is no longer a country of laws nor a democracy,  but a failed state run by the most corrupt administration in the history of the Eastern Caribbean.

How can it be that a country's only way of surviving is by selling its citizenship? What is even more disturbing is that a significant portion of the population (DLP supporters and sympathizers) have been hoodwinked into believing that there are no downsides to this unfortunate practice. The DLP Administration has presided over the death of agriculture, previously the major revenue resource for the island. They have presided over the death of tourism and the departure of Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) which also augmented tourism through family visits. These 3 economic entities previously constituted 90% of the revenue for the island? Where are they now? RUSM is in Barbados, the Agricultural belt is now the Poverty Belt and Tourism continues its slide into the abyss.  The current COVID-19 pandemic, afflicting the Caribbean's most reliable market (the USA), has left the future of Tourism in jeopardy. Yet, in Dominica, we are hearing nonsense about 4 and 5-star hotels funded by Citizenship-By-Investment (CBI). Without a doubt, these 'hotels' are excellent avenues for money laundering, asset diversion and thievery as there are no accountability in the funding vehicle, Dominica's CBI Program.

Agriculture on the island is on life support and deteriorating rapidly.  This once productive island which supplied food to many islands in the Eastern Caribbean countries (Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts, Nevis, BVI etc) is now importing agricultural products. Feeder roads are impassable or inaccessible, all agricultural ministers have been 'doltish' and the current Agricultural minister (Reginald 'Regi' Austrie) is nothing less than an ignoramus. No serious plans for expansion of production of alternate cash crops, re-establishing new markets and pursing ventures to further monetize the agricultural products. Useful idiot 'Regi' is part of an Administration without a sound agricultural vision. 


At the moment, the most significant activity to rescue this island from criminals, International crooks and scoundrels lies in the response of the people on island. All Dominican and, in particular, all the DLP supporters who feel that their life would be in jeopardy if the current Criminal DLP Administration is made irrelevant and redundant should rise to rescue their homeland. They must render the DLP Administration irrelevant.  In so doing, Dominicans will be ridding themselves of  dangerous thieves who have destroyed the island, soloed its International reputation and placed Dominica in the 'bulls eye' of the USA.

The Diaspora - Dominica has a diaspora population numerically equal its population on island (World Bank 2018). This segment has tremendous leverage especially given the role they have played in keeping Dominica afloat over the past 20 years and during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone who doubts this can simply take a walk to Money Gram or Western Union agents in the Capital City, Roseau on any business day. At present, these business are the most vibrant on island; Indeed,  according to 2018 World Bank report, Dominican households dependence on remittances from US Diasporas is  greater than for any other OECS country.  Dominica is dying from a self-inflicted wound called the DLP. The Diaspora in USA, Canada and the European Union pump $100 million into the Dominican economy yearly. Here, we do not speak of the free-loaders who were paid by DLP to go to Dominica to re-install the DLP in December 2019. No! Its the Dominican Diaspora who actually have influence in these respective Countries and they can have tremendous impact on the direction of Dominica. They are the reason that underachiever,  Vince Henderson got a black eye during his recent appearance before the Human Rights Commission in March 2020. Time to flex their muscle to help their fellow Dominicans on island.  

Finally, there is the Judiciary in Dominica. Overall, the Courts have been disappointingly influenced by the DLP Administration and / or lawyers representing the Administration.  Cases in which members of the Administration or their close 'friends' are Respondent (for example 2014 General Election Treating, G.O.N Emmanuel matter and so on) are allowed to languish. The Courts  appear to have been infiltrated by DLP sympathizers. It is not clear whether the regional courts are any more effective. Notwithstanding, lest Dominicans be accused to skirting the law and being vigilantes, the Court avenue should the pursued simultaneously to do whatever is needed to rid this island of a Crime Outfit masquerading as a governing Administration.

Successive DLP Administration has failed the country for the past 20 years.  The DLP, their crooked Legal Advisors who have contributed nothing meaningful to human advancement and the police hierarchy who prop up the DLP Administration strongly believe Dominicans are pushovers!  Investors and passport selling agents (essentially scammers) are making out like bandits and as well, lawyers close to the Labor Administration are thriving and getting wealthy off sale of Dominican Citizenship.  In contrast, the majority of Dominicans are poorer than before the island had CBI? How is that possible? If St. Vincent and the Grenadines can survive without selling passports, Dominica can do the same. Clearly, the administration of former Prime Minister, Dame Eugenia Charles, had no idea that they were creating a monster that would devour a nation, create and sustain a dictatorship and eventually lead to the destruction of its nationality when the Economic Citizenship Program was created in the early 1990s.  The window-of-opportunity for Dominica to rid itself of liars, thieves, grifters and cheats who have no shame selling its sovereignty for short term gain of power and wealth is rapidly closing. Without swift, decisive action, this island is not likely to rise from the ashes of the raging wild fire set by the DLP, its greedy band of hyena lawyers and the international crooks and criminals that have fed their bad habits! Some believe that Dominica has less than 1 year to Armageddon!!! Lets hope they are proven wrong.