Updated: September 04, 2020

                                                       Byron (L) and Skerrit (second R) in 2015

                               "Conquer yourself, rather than the world"  by Rene Descartes

Open Letter

'Sir' Denis Byron

It's now published that you have been appointed as a one-man commission to advise the governing Dominica Labor Party (DLP) Cabinet on Electoral Reform.  You are an accomplished Jurist with a slew of titles and have held distinguished positions throughout the Caribbean Judicial System and the world. These include Former President of the Caribbean Court of Justice, Former President of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and President of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda among others. So, you are eminently qualified to run a commission. But, a one-man commission? Something does not smell right. The following question therefore arises: Why would you, an individual with the aforementioned tract, associate with law-breaking, electoral cheats with sticky fingers ? By all accounts, Skerrit and the DLP have habitually broken Dominican and International laws; your appointment or selection to advise Cabinet on Electoral Reform is one more example of an illegal, immoral and and unconscionable undertaking by Dominica's notorious Constitutional Bandits

In Dominica, the constitutionally mandated body responsible for electoral matters is the Electoral Commission. There are no articles or instruments in the Dominica's Constitution that permit any outside Entity or Individual(s), including Cabinet, to interfere with the work and functioning of the Electoral Commission. Parliament, not Cabinet, passes legislation. However, "Every proposed bill and every proposed regulation or other instrument having the force of law relating to the registration of electors for the purpose of electing Representatives or to the election of Representatives and Senators shall be referred to the Electoral Commission and to the Chief Elections Officer... to give them sufficient time to make comments thereon before the bill is introduced in the House..." Sir Byron, you are purportedly a brilliant mine, where does a Commission fit into this constitutional framework? The Dominican Public wants to know.

To you Byron, what is in it for you? Why are you plotting with this gang of Bandits to violate Dominica's Constitution and facilitate permanence of Autocracy in the Caribbean Region? Did you play a role in DLP rush to get Dominica into the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in 2015 without the consent of a majority of Dominicans? Are you in this for money, power or both? Ain't you aware that you are walking into a trap? Are you not aware that Roosevelt Skerrit and his legal advisors are rogues who associate with International Crooks, Criminal and Scoundrels? Are you not aware that many of Skerrit's former close acquaintances (Friends?) have been either convicted,  imprisoned or are on the run from the law. These include such 'luminaries' like David Ng Lap Seng (aka Mr. Woo), Francisco Corallo, Diezani Alison-Madueke, Alireza Monfared and the list goes on...! Sir Byron, are you not aware that anyone who associates with Skerrit becomes tainted and entrapped in a web of deceit and endangerment ? Or, alternatively, have you lost your humanity and reasoning skills? Have you lost your marbles....? Have you become such a character in the period which is supposed to be your golden years? Maybe you have, because you have been sighted with Skerrit in public on more than one accession. In this case you cannot be a neutral arbiter!

Prior to the most recent General Election in December 2019, recommendations for electoral reform were made by International Election Observers in 2009 and 2014, and by an International Commission within a year of the most recent election; all recommendation were soundly rejected by the Skerrit-lead DLP.  So why would Skerrit and the DLP Cabinet be interested in electoral reform after 12 years, given that their 'no reform agenda'  allowed them to steal elections and remain in power for 4 cycles.  The crux to DLP's survival had been illegal importation of voters into Dominica in the past 4 election cycles, that is over a 20-year period. It has been such a winning strategy that they have tried to integrate treating and cheating into the electoral process. A court injunction is in place to block this move! Sir, Skerrit and the DLP are trying to side-swipe the courts, by using you as a tool; in effect you will be DLP's cutlass to shred Dominica Election Statutes. DLP is anticipating that if you, Byron, use your legal stature to make recommendations, then it will be perceived by Dominicans and the Parliament as legitimate. DLP Administration believes your view will facilitate institution of  'legislation' legalizing treating and stealing during elections, both of which are currently illegal. 

Sir Byron, unless, you are or have become like Skerrit and his ring of cheaters, crooks, criminal and scoundrels, it would be wise to decline this assignment; it is not too late. Notwithstanding the 'endless cash' that you have been promised, it is a setup. Unless you are part of the scam, you are being used as a vessel to channel another scam so that Roosevelt Skerrit and the Labor Party can remain in power for the rest of their living years. Otherwise, many of them will have to face International Mob, the Iranian Intelligence Agency and other organization that are trying to recover diverted funds.  Iran is still looking for the US$2 billion stolen by Monfared and his partners (now imprisoned in Iran and the USA); some of these funds found their way from Malaysia via 'My Dominica Trade House' to Dominica and the DLP hierarchy while Monfared was hiding from Interpol and Iran on Morne Daniel. It is assumed that you, Byron, will not be the 'poster man' for degeneration of a life of distinguished legal accomplishments into the pit of hell, whereby your services are being offered to the highest bidder, rather than for purpose of advancing humanity. If so, it appears that your behavior is akin to that of a purchased fille de joie to prop-up Skerrit and his Crime Family in their proclivity to break the law. You, Sir, are at risk of becoming a shadow of your hard-earned stature.

Sir, are you aware that Roosevelt Skerrit is a frightened and tormented soul who cannot move around the streets of his homeland without a small army of heavily armed, poorly disciplined security detail. The other DLP characters who round out the 'circle of pirates' and the lawyers who protect them are similarly worried. Their myopic view, akin to Putin in Russia or Maduro in Venezuela,  is to remain in power so that they can use the instruments of the state to continue acquiring ill-gained, ill-deserved assets and protect them to eternity. By selecting you, Sir Byron, to do their dirty work, they hope to justify what ever machinations they have in mind to modify existing Electoral Statutes and ensure they remain in power to abuse state resources while simultaneously protecting themselves from International pursuit. A word of advise Sir: stay away from Dominica. Roosevelt Skerrit is trying to drag you head-first into the DLP cesspool, but big brother to the North is monitoring; hence the recent dire warning from the US Dept of State advising US Nationals against visiting Dominica. Byron, do not get caught up in DLP web of deception? Run, run, run; otherwise you may find yourself in the wrong place, on the wrong side of International Law Enforcement Authorities in your golden years! When that does occur, and it will if you do not take heed, you will remember this communication.