Updated: August 16, 2020

View From the Without

Trigger-Happy Officer defending Dominica's Rental Palace on Saturday August 15, 2020.

The principle purpose of  law enforcement agencies should be to protect the public and maintain peace. Unfortunately,  within the past
20 years in Dominica, Law Enforcement Agencies in Dominica have degenerated into entities whose function appear to be protection of  the governing Labor Party, at the expense of Public Safety and Pubic Peace. The leadership of the Police Services, under the poor direction of a hand-picked, dense, pliable Commissioner (Daniel Carbon) only seems to understand its responsibilities when it appears that the Lords (Dominica Labor Party and its Stalwarts) are perceived to be under 'political threat'. Besides, the general public and the rank and file of the police force and, especially those police officers who see and know that things are not right, are trapped in a web of dysfunctional and asymmetrical law enforcement; a system in which public safety and community policing is subservient to the will of the governing party and an increasingly erratic paranoid leader, Roosevelt Skerrit.

Whether it is Nurses and other workers advocating for better health Care Services and working conditions, Concerned Citizens advocating for electoral reform, free and fair elections or Opposition Political parties holding a political meeting, Daniel Carbon, the upper echelon of the Police services and their labor party puppeteers see these public activities as threatening and unleash their armed goons on the public.  On almost every other issue, the Police Service appears dysfunctional and ineffective. There is an ongoing roaring human trafficking trade between Dominica and its French neighbors (Guadeloupe and Martinique).  Interestingly, the coast guard seems easily available to transport heavily armed goons to teargas and fire live rounds at People in Salisbury demonstrating for better feeder roads, but unable to catch the human traffickers. How convenient? Police Commissioner Carbon has been silent and, ditto for the Minister of Justice, Immigration and National Security, Rayburn Blackmore. That is, until early August 2020, when the lid threatened to blown and expose those close to the DLP who are involved in the Human Trafficking.  Several Haitian Nationals were arrested at their residences and threatened with deportation. That backfired on the Immigration Officers and flumblers Blackmore and Carbon when a court injunction halted the Haitian deportation.  It is like, the Police Hierachy can only function when a clear villain, opposing parties or the supporters of these parties are considered a risk to the governing party; PUBLIC INTEREST or Peace are distant after thoughts.

There is no consistency in execution of the laws in Dominica. This inconsistency compromises policing and public peace. This inconsistency erodes public trust in the Police and can also be dangerous for law enforcement personnel. If this persist, at some point,  persons or communities who are perceived to be targeted and, aggrieved by police action or lack of action, may feel the need to fight back to protect themselves against perceived neglect or mistreatment.

Lets look at the issue of personal attacks against those who oppose the governing Labor Administration.  On Sat August 15, 2020, the representative for Roseau North Constituency, Hon Danny Lugay was dragged from a vehicle in which he was traveling with the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition; he was roughed up and taken to Police headquarters. Following arrival of his Lawyers, the Police Officers could not state why the Representative was arrested; so Representative Lugay simply walked out with his lawyer and the police officers were left to look foolish. This is the result of lack of Leadership by Commissioner Carbon. Junior officers are given guns, handcuffs, tear gas and not instructed on the rules of engagement. At some point someone is going to get killed by these frightened, untrained officers and the blame should be placed squarely on the Minister of National Security, the Commissioner of Police and Roosevelt Skerrit. In the current debacle, the officers falsely claimed that Skerrit was being threatened by Representative Lugay while he was on public road in Lugay's constituency.  How absurd? Skerrit's co conspirator chose to use 'housing option funds' to build a palace in a residential area at Morne Daniel, Dominicans are paying for rental and upkeep of their property and now Skerrit does not want Dominicans to come close to their palace!!

If things do not improve in Dominica with respect to policing and law enforcement, this country is on the road to destruction and damnation. In particular, crimes in high places, committed by those linked to and/or associated with the Dominica Labor Party will continue to violate laws without consequences.  Unfortunately, through this reckless behavior of the current DLP Administration, Dominica has recently drawn the ire of the US State Department which issued travel warnings to US Citizens stating "Reconsider Travel to Dominica due to health and safety measures and COVID-related conditions. Exercise increased caution in Dominica due to Civil unrest"; the security component of the warning 'due to potential for instability' was not linked to any other OECS countries. Why?  Dominica is becoming increasingly isolated and unstable, driven primarily by DLP illegality, International misbehavior and Skerrit's Paranoia. The untrained police officers are caught in a spiral and will be swept up in the mess when the disintegration begins. The saving grace for the Police Services is/are the intermediate level officers who need to take a strong stance against the Police hierarchy. Where is the Police Services Board? Is it AWOL?

Dominicans should demand resignation of Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon who is incompetent, ineffectual and has no managerial capabilities; Carbon is an imbecile; a tool of the DLP Administration and its band of manipulators (aka Puppet Masters).  As long as Carbon and his clown-show of dishonest, unintelligent officers control the Dominica police force, the island will continue going in reverse. Likewise, the Minister of National Security, Blackmore should tender his resignation effective immediately Turning a blind eye to blatant corruption and illegalities, including money laundering and human trafficking, while simultaneously harassing the public whenever they attempt to gather peacefully, is not policing. It is incitement to anarchy.  Violence and chaos are the only avenues the Labor Party has to continue its governance of Dominica and, through a nitwit named Daniel Carbon, they hope to achieve this goal.  At present, the most dangerous persons in Dominica are the Labor Party Sympathizers planted into the upper echelon of the Dominica Policy force lead by a feeble-minded happy-puppet  named Daniel Carbon. Without the guns, teargas and Chinese-supplied military style implements, they are naked.  They will have to be purged when a new government takes over.