Updated: June 17, 2021


Key Features of the Montreal Management Consultant Est.,  MMCE, Housing Option Reverse Ponzi Scheme:
  • Funds are never transferred to the Consolidated Funds,  to which all government income much go and from which all government expenses are paid, as mandated by the island's Constitution. 
  • MMCE - Housing Option was never brought before parliament, contrary to the island's constitution. Except for Skerrit, DLP confidants and MMCE, the Dominican public does not know the exact date when this option was created under the CBI Program.
  •  The DLP Administration has refused Parliamentary oversight of the program.
  • MMCE never uses it own funds, contrary to the misinformation propagated by Roosevelt Skerrit and Cabinet members like McIntyre, Austrie and others.
  • Dominicans are paying twice for all projects contracted to MMCE. These are all, No-bid Contracts, which are all highly over-priced, leading to further diversion of Dominica's Financial Resources to one Company and its subsidaries. For instance, 360 housing units at an inflated cost of $350,ooo per unit (total cost XCD $160 million) were constructed at Bellevue Chopin. Because of the 'paying twice' trap in this scam, the MMCE-DLP slush fund benefited by XCD $160 million.
  • There are no audited statement of the umbrella Citizenship-by-Investment, CBI, Program or the options thereunder, including the Premiere Revenue-generating MMCE - Housing Option.
  • The MMCE Housing Escrow Account is controlled by two persons: Roosevelt Skerrit (Prime Minister and Finance Minister) and Anthony Haiden, (President / CEO of MMCE).
  • The MMCE / DLP Slush Funds is derived from Financial resources that belongs to the Dominica. It is used for numerous DLP and MMCE extravaganza, influence peddling, opulence and to live the 'High Life'.