Updated: March 06, 2017

Technology has created a medium where artists can use their talents to be even more creative,  The artist is able to use technology in the traditional art form such as painting, sculpture, illustration and cinema.

Digital media has afforded even the non artist and photographers  the opportunity to dabble in Art. This would have been impossible before the software for such art was available.  If you have the proper software you can create what ever art you like from the sublime to the fantastic.  Those who never envisioned themselves creating nothing more than stick figures can learn to create anything they desire if they are willing to embrace the technology.  For example, old photos can be given another lease on life.    An ordinary photograph can become a portrait and creating fantasy scenes out of this world is no further than your imagination.

In this post you will see just one example of an old photograph that was given a new life.  The Before photo was taken with a small camera in 2006.  The after photo was manipulated to show a geometric reflection thus changing the photo an giving it a different perspective.

The style used in this photograph is called Photo Manipulation.  Here, a geometric shape was used to create the reflection.  This is only one of the ways that this photograph could have been changed.

Equipment used: Photoshop CC

Scott's Head (Before)

Scott's Head (After)