Updated: March 06, 2017

What is Double Exposure

Double exposure is a technique that originated with photography. It consists of imposing one frame upon another.  Today with the advent of cameras with multiple exposures that process  is a lot easier.  Some photographers specialized in creating such art with their cameras.  For example, there are photographers who use double and triple exposures to produce wonderful pieces of art.

Today, with advent of an array of software and apps this type of art can be duplicated. One can be as simple or as complicated as you can. You can use as many exposures as you want to achieve the look you want.  Typically you use a portrait and a landscape and blend them together in the software of your choice.  Your job will be alot easier if the portrait is on a plain background. The following image is a simple double exposure using 2 images.

Here are the 2 images that were used with Adobe Photoshop CC.