Updated: October 22, 2017

Oct 22, 2017
The passage of Hurricane Maria laid bare the absence of a structured Disaster Management Strategy for Dominica. With many communities cut-off from each other, residents were left to develop a rapid response plan to deal with food and shelter relief. In the Concord - Marigot Constituency, the Organization for Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction (ORRR) was established on September 22, 2017 (3 days after Maria departed the island) to manage supplies in the Relief Chain and develop a recovery and reconstruction plan for the region. The Committee, born out of an emergency meeting convened by the parliamentary representative, consists of members of the Village council and other prominent members in the community.  The constituency has been zoned into districts, to which specific committee members are responsible, for distribution of food and other relief supplies based on needs.  

ORRR frames itself as non-partisan, non-political with a  focus on relief, recovery and reconstruction assistance to every resident based in the Concord - Marigot  Constituency. Its focus is on the logistics and mechanics of securing and delivering  humanitarian assistance in a time of a severe national crisis. Thus far, the committee has received, and distributed supplies received through regional and international organizations.

In the recovery and reconstruction phase, ORRR plans to utilize data gleaned from a comprehensive damage assessment survey executed in collaboration with the Margot Cooperative Credit Union, to engage local, regional and international partners (including Diaspora) to secure resources.  ORRR represents a model structure that may be adopted across the country to effect management of the current and future disasters.