Updated: October 22, 2017


Oct 22, 2017
It is fair to say that very few public agencies have escaped interference by the Dominica Labor Administration.  So, it is no surprise that even the Dominica Red Cross is now firmly in the Labor Party camp.  It was with much trepidation and concern to hear the Prime Minister say that the Dominica Red Cross will be taking over the humanitarian aid from the international agencies now on the ground in Dominica.  This is a recipe for disaster.

1. The Dominica Red Cross is ill-equipped to cover relief for the entire island. It is primarily centralized in Roseau.
2. It should be a non-governmental organization (NGO) but seem to be suffering from government interference.
3. The Dominica Red Cross was never structured to handle island wide disasters. It has neither the warehousing capacity nor personnel to manage such a massive task.
4. Is there a plan for for them to work with community groups that have so far played such a big role in disaster relief throughout the island?

For this venture to be even mildly successful the Labor Administration has to remove its tentacles and operatives  from this venerable International NGO.