Updated: May 26, 2017
The Dominica Labor Government has to be one of the most incompetent governing party in the region. It is not far behind Venezuela. Why is it so difficult for Dominica to show improvement after more than  17 years of Labor Party rule?  Healthcare is a mess. The main  airport only functions in good weather. Yet the ruling party keeps dumping millions of dollars to repair it after large rainfalls.  Is this Labor Party working from a plan for Dominica or from post it notes?
The problem could be twofold.  a) A one-man ruling government and b)There is  no long term planning for Dominica. The behavior of the Prime Minister in the House might support this observation.  When you listened to the Prime Minister stating how much money the country  had generated  from passport sales for the past 9 months, you would think the man was the CEO of a company speaking to his share holders. 

Why didn't the Parliament have access to those numbers? Why the big secret? Maybe, the Prime Minister wanted to impress his supporters, as if to say "See  how hard I'm working, look how much money I'm bringing in?" Mr. Skerrit need to be reminded that Dominica Passports belong to the
people of Dominica. What is being sold is their Nationality and not some personal  real estate. In any case, he is a poor money manager.  Why does Dominica  pay $31 million dollars to Agents selling passports since the professional fees and due diligence fees are expected from the client upfront?  "Sucking Baby" says, 35 million dollars could fix all the bridges in Dominica with change left over.

Can the Minister of Finance count money? Why all these millions being spent on frivolity when Dominica has so many needs.  Are  these funds within the  Consolidated fund? There's no law that says that money can be kept outside .  This appear to be a convenience for the Labor party so they can access the money without going to parliament. It is plain to see from the waste that 
this government have no plans to develop Dominica.  All they are prepared to do is to enjoy all the benefits of Dominica.

The labor party government has had many streams of revenue available; more than past government. Under those circumstances Dominica should have been thriving. Instead, all you find is a bunch of failed projects. A geothermal project  where over 60 million dollars has been expended without producing a single watt of energy. "Sucking Baby" says, don't you think wind and solar would be easier and cheaper. The abattoir donated by Venezuela is supposed to be for livestock not for rats and snakes.  The coffee plant hasn't processed one "grain" of coffee, The Moroccan hotel is overgrown and has become a home for snakes, frogs and mosquitoes. The government is devoid of ideas and have been reduced to selling passports.  So, why do we need all these Ministers? If all it takes to run Dominica is to sell passports then  "Sucking Baby" says "I'm up for the job".

You would think, with 17 ministers on the payroll and all those advisers, the government would be brimming with ideas and projects to advance the country and create jobs. All they do is run around handing out checks. That is really hard work. "Sucking baby" says "fire the whole bunch and let the civil servants run the show".
Instead, they are expanding the social programs to create more needy people? What's going happen when the money runs out? Venezuela is learning the hard way; when government handouts get scarce and, people don't know how to survive, chaos, discontent and rage rules.  That is no way to run a country. Therefore "Sucking Baby" has some advice for the ruling party

1. If you have 18 million dollars to build a bridge you  should first go to the "Minister of Bridges" and find out whether it is better to break down a bridge and build it up or to build as many bridges as you can in the rest of the island.

2. Enough with all those hotels. How are people going to get to these hotels? Instead, invest more in agriculture. Buy some ferries with the money. A ferry would cost about 3 million dollars.  With all the money you dumping in hotels you could buy 10 ferries. That would create jobs! Don't you think?

3. Finally, stop selling Dominica's passport so cheap because soon it will end up in the Clearance Bin.