Updated: March 11, 2018
"You don't really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother" Attributed to Albert Einstein.

The commonwealth of Dominica, currently run by a bungling Administration that is headed by a guy who would like to be called 'Dr.', seems to have lost its inspiration to survive. A once proud people has been reduced to dependency. Here we refer to the Labor Party Administration, Roosevelt Skerrit and the gang of opportunists that surround him. Their latest escapade centers on a hustle entitled CREAD (Climate Resilience Execution Agency of Dominica).

In his presentation to the Donor's Conference in New York on November 21, 2017,  Roosevelt Skerrit unveiled CREAD with stated overarching mission "to coordinate all reconstruction work ..... and ensure all reconstruction activities are focused on a single Climate Resilient Recovery Plan developed by Dominica and its partners".  What does this mean? Only the writers can explain because Skerrit is like a 'mumu' when trying to explain the purpose of this entity. Notwithstanding, the Labor Administration is giddy about the prospect and potential of this agency to attract International Funds.
Disappointingly, CREAD has started off  in a bad way.  In his presentation at the UNDP - sponsored Donor Conference last year, Skerrit indicated that CREAD would derive it power and directive from Parliament. CREAD is supposed to be overseen by a Supervisory Board composed of Donors and a Parliamentary Oversight Committee. There has been no seating of the Parliament nor passing of any legislation that established this entity, yet we learn of launching of CREAD on Friday March 9, 2018. It seems that this is 'back-to-front'.

CREAD is going to be an expensive undertaking. Preliminary budget from the PM's Office states that it will take US $4 Million per year (XCD $10 .6 Million) to function.  From that budget, the staffing costs are ($2.7 Million US or XCD $7.2 Million). How does this government justify spending 68% of the operating Budget of CREAD on Administrative costs.  This is not a good sign. So, what exactly is CREAD? Is it still a statutory body or now has it morphed into an independent Business or some hybrid organization? It would appear that CREAD may also be in the investment business. Who knew? According to investdominica.com, one of the main goal of CREAD is building properties that withstand changes in climate and maintain property values. Has the focus shifted since the initial presentation in November 2017? This sounds like a creature right out of the playbook of Avi Persaud, the dubious Bajan Business genius!. "Avi looks good on paper"

It seems that CREAD is established to complicate the situation in Dominica. Based on this administration's record, it is anticipated that all senior, high-paying position in this agency will be filled by Cronies and Foreign 'Friends'. This will further confound the resentment that is boiling in Dominica. In addition, by establishing an Agency that is supposed to be overseen by Parliament, but which has not been enabled through parliamentary legislation, the current administration is adding to the impression that they are rogues who have no respect for the laws or constitution of Dominica. 

How is CREAD going to be funded if it was not established in Parliament? We guess that's where the International Doners come in.  But, those Donors will live to regret it. We have seen past disappointment in Haiti where billions had been raised to rebuild the country following the 2010 Earthquake;  yet, today many structures remain in shambles and many Haitians still live in shanty towns. In Haiti, monies from International donors were squandered leaving the reputation of many International Organizations (Clinton Foundation, Red Cross, Wyclef Jean Yele Haiti Charity) in shambles because of poor management practices. Most of the monies were spent on salaries, consultant fees, lavish offices and travel, while minuscule quantities filtered down to targeted communities.  Like Haiti before it, Dominica need to be wary of CREAD. Rather than embrace this entity as requested by 'Dr.' Skerrit and his gang, questions should be raised. Sound the alarm before the island become engulfed in another scandal! We have had enough of those.