Updated: March 17, 2018

Several months ago, we highlighted concerns about the Dominica Red Cross Society being infiltrated by political operatives of the Dominica Labor Party. In addition, skepticism was raised about the Society's capacity to handle relief efforts as the International Relief Organizations exited Dominica; see post.Dominica Red Cross not a Neutral Partner

More recently, we have learnt of upper management purge and institution of an acting Director Dr. Jaslin Salmon from Jamaica. Indeed, reports have been presented suggesting 'abnormalities' at the Dominican Red Cross Society and 'loss of Public Trust'. The acting Director has confirmed these facts. Yet, no details are provided. In a 'normal' democratic society, non-profit and charitable corporations must operate with utmost transparency. Since charities are established to benefit society and are entrusted with non-profit status on grounds that individuals will not profit from their existence, why the secret at Dominica Red Cross? If the previous problems that plagued the Society are not properly addressed, they will inevitable surface when a new managerial team is in place. 

A significant problem with the Dominica Red Cross Society is that it was infiltrated by Operatives of the Dominica Labor Party. Like many organization grazed by this toxic entity (Dominica Labor Party), problems are predictable. From the CABINET downwards to any Labor Administration dominated statutory or government-related organization , the guiding principle of those within these entities is that they are above the law. Based on the utterances of the Acting Director of Dominica Red Cross Society, it seems that there were shenanigans at the Red Cross. If so, where are the Law Enforcement Personnel. Police Chief Carbon only seems to find his 'oats' when members of the opposition or their supporters are expressing their constitutional right to free speech and peaceful assemble.

In order to mitigate future problems with the Dominica Red Cross Society and protect its reputation, the International Body needs to be forceful and aggressive. The Caribbean arm will not cut it, as many of the Caribbean organization are 'afraid of their shadow'.  Dominica is currently managed by a manifestly corrupt and corrosive administration which operate on the principle that they must be involved in all aspects of Dominican Life. Agencies, like the Red Cross, operate under International Agreements  signed with the host Government. They have to remain independent and should be apolitical. This convention must be respected by the host  government. The Red Cross is no exception! It is time to purge the Dominica Red Cross of all party operatives!