Updated: October 17, 2018

When Shane Warne, Australian spin bowler, received his honorary doctorate for service to Cricket from Britain's Southampton Solent University in 2006 he jokingly remarked "I am officially the Spin Doctor now".  To him, it was comical because he was never interested in school or learning.  Therefore, by receiving something considered 'academic' seemed hilarious and, he regarded it as an accessory.   Little did he know that those words can now be applied to the Prime Minister of Dominica who yesterday received an Honorary doctorate from Duschenne University, Pennsylvania for his leadership and advocacy on climate change. Now, that is 'spin'! What exactly has he done on Climate Change? Everyone knows why Universities give Honorary Doctorates. They need money.  However, what this University failed to realize is that Roosevelt Skerrit's knowledge of climate change is as thin as the paper the honorary degree is printed on. And, his big plan to make Dominica the first resilient country was just a ploy to get money from international donors.  So, he is now the proverbial spin doctor on climate change.

Maybe one could think otherwise if, on the eve of the receipt of this honorary Degree, Mr. Skerrit had released a statement detailing how far Dominica was on its path to resiliency. Especially as it related to the Climate Resilience Agency (Cread) which is situated in his Office. But, that would be too 'academic'! He deals with spin. As of today, the Dominican people are no more informed about Cread as they were when it was first officially launched in March this year. It is also very ironic that, on the day before Mr. Skerrit was to receive his degree, there was a protest action against a concrete plant in Portsmouth. This concrete plant could impact the sea, beaches and nesting sites for turtles. Really! Does this man understand anything about the environment? How else can you explain the onslaught on Portsmouth and environmentally sensitive areas of Dominica. A hotel smack in the middle of the fragile Cabrits National Park, other ongoing beach hotel construction project of questionable relevance while ignoring the impact of climate change on the ecosystem in Dominica. The PM will surely have a spin for these too.

At least, when Kermit the Frog got his honorary Doctorate on behalf of the environment for his song " It is not easy being Green", he was able to convey this philosophy to the world. Does anyone really understand the function of Cread. Mr. Skerritt, do you? Hopefully, with the new Doctorate, you will finally be able to 'spin' a weave that will explain CREAD and the other contradictory environmental actions of the Labor Administration to Dominicans.