Updated: October 21, 2018

On Wednesday October 17th 2018 PM Skerrit's wife disclosed that, immediately after Hurricane Maria struck Dominica on Sept 18 2017,  her husband had what appeared to be a vision from Christ.  A normal person would probably have told her husband that maybe you probably got hit in the head or is suffering from Post Traumatic Disorder PTSD in the wake of the disastrous hurricane.   Instead, this whole episode is being marketed as divine intervention by God.  PM Skerrit now thinks that he had a message from the Divine one. Does anyone really believe that Roosevelt Skerrit was contacted by God? Or,  was that just a fantastical story cooked up to justify why he should be remain in office after 19 years of failed projects. 

It is obvious that Mr. Skerrit has no problem hijacking religion to advance his own agenda. He is well versed at this sort of behavior; he is indeed is a Serial Hijacker of Statutory Agencies and Civilian Programs. What happened to the Waitikubili National Trail when the EU decided to fund it? His administration 'hijacked' it. What has happened to Dominica's Electoral Commission: His Labor Administration 'hijacked' it. How about the Lindo Park Project in Goodwill? His administration took that over too? You see the trend; just take something that does not belong to you and use it for your own purpose. Interestingly, all of the aforementioned entities have failed since the Administration set its hand on them!  Now, the PM has decided that he will take religion and spirituality from the Pastors and Ministers and use it to convince the electorate that he is Omnipotent and 'The Chosen One'. He should remain at the helm for the foreseeable future.  How narcissistic?

Mr Skerrit is infatuated with himself. He has grandiose ideas of who he is or what he can achieve. The failures in Dominica are  testament to his self aggrandizement.  He has an exaggerated sense of power that allows him to bend rules and break laws. Dominicans have seen the way he deliberately tramples on the Constitution. Mr. Skerrit publicly devalues others as being inferior, incapable or not worthy. This man works the least but, frequently call others lazy. Superficially he appears to be charming, but underneath he is arrogant, disdainful and contemptuous of people; even to those who revere him. The list could go on and on. There are those that say labels like that should be left to psychiatrists. However,  there are others that say people need to protect themselves from individuals who display such toxic behaviors, especially a leader of a country

The Labor Party's reign under Mr. Skerrit has been a failure.  Rather than take responsibility for that, he seeks to blame everything on someone else or natural disasters. The fact is, this administration has been a disaster because they have failed in leadership?  How is it that every five years for the past 4 terms,  this Administration keeps saying what they are going to do but seems unable to say what they have accomplished?

Dominica is dealing with something very unusual in its politics. In the past, governments come and governments go but, none of them were leaders who were so shallow, so insecure, and who would do anything to remain in Office.  This character, Roosevelt Skerrit, is basically petrified of taking care of himself and his family without the resources of the State. He will stop at nothing!  Even if it means pretending to to be visited by the Holy Spirit. How low can you go? According to award-winning journalists, Edward Murrow, if Dominicans continue to be as coy as sheep, they will inevitably be lead by a government of wolves.

Dominicans must not be fooled again!  The Labor Administration under Mr. Skerrit have ignored the needs of Dominicans, while effectively promoting those of its closest confidants, henchmen and cadre of crooked lawyers who offer them legal cover. They have enjoyed the best of everything: houses, cars, clothes at the island's expense. Dominicans need to reject this attempt to hijack spirituality. Call out Roosevelt Skerrit for what he is! Mr. Skerrit is a chicken and a 'fraidy-cat' who is intellectually deficient and unable to go out into the world to fend for himself without a title or  an entourage of security surrounding him.