Updated: March 07, 2019

By Anonymous
From Marigot (Dominica) with Love

Maybe we need to bring you back to reality. You have obviously lost touch with the plight of the people in the community of Marigot. According to Lugarz, you seem to be comfortable  and, have become part of the forgetful family.

We in Marigot have been battered and abused mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, and academically. Our school, bridges, feeder roads, and even worse, our health needs have been put on the back burner for 20 years. As a matter of fact, they seem to be no more. Our role models are being attacked, and falsely accused, with a move at trying to convict them and put them behind bars.  We speak of Former Prime Minister Mr. Edison James and current Leader of the Parliamentary Oppisition, Mr. Lennox Linton. Our medical professionals are set aside even when they are in high demand. We speak of Dr Irvin 'Eipigh' Pascal. Will you feel comfortable in your skin knowing that you contributed to that occurrence. Even you yourself have had your fair share of road blocks from this very vindictive Administration that you are now in bed with. You have spoken to many of us about it.

Rather than continue to agitate, to remove the stumbling block from the way forward of Marigot -- a village that has produced the brighter brains in this our lovely Dominica --- a village that has produced and nurtured individuals like you and many others to be independent and self-reliant, You have joined the destructive machinery.  Rather than continue to agitate to liberate Dominica from the shackles of mental, and financial slavery. You join them.

Those of us who followed you from birth to present day, know you are someone who has NEVER subscribed to the philosophies, policies, and political practices of the Dominica Labor Party Administration. Our question to you is: What has changed? Are you satisfied that your community has experienced any form of development under this administration? Yes, the one that nurtured you? Has it been treated fairly? Don't you see how we have been marginalized only because we do not support the current regime. What a slap in our faces. We have always supported you, but brother we can tell you not this time.

At the meeting of the Labour party function in Marigot on Thursday Feb 21st, 2019 the question about what you will bring to the table surfaced. Your newly-found friends referenced the hospital and the International Airport. What nonsense?  The hospital was there. You know that because, at one point in time, you used the original building as your work station/office. We must say thanks to our stalwarts in the community namely:  Mr. Martin Boland for embarking on a fund-raising drive, Mr. Sunny George who contributed the land, Mr. Charles Burton who oversaw the construction process as the able-bodied men of Marigot and the environs volunteered their labour. Later Anaclet Thomas and her Husband contributed financially to allow us to have an upgraded facility which, by the way, was well furnished prior to the transfer of the equipment to Roseau. It was the incompetence of the Powers that be to properly maintain the health facility which resulted in it being shut down then demolished.

Since you may have forgotten, let me remind you that for almost 5 years, we have been told that Mexico contributed US 5 million dollars for a replacement hospital in Marigot. We continue to wait. Where is it? We have been punished and we say that with no apology. The parliamentary representative has addressed the issue on numerous occasions, the women of Marigot and Concord have come out in protest to add their voice to the call. The government has not budged and, now because they want to use you,  they are dangling the hospital glazed carrot in your face. Did we see you among those who protested?

Did you, as Youth officer, make a statement on behalf of the young people in the community / health district? Will you feel comfortable taking the credit for the hospital. As to the airport. Is that a joke. Not even the Moroccan Hotel, which was the platform for the by election in Marigot some years ago, became a reality. Once the former senator failed to accomplish the dream of winning Marigot, the Hotel was transferred to Possie. Bluff, as we call you in the village, please don’t do that to yourself; you are brighter than that. This is not calypso where you put words in a colorful way to entertain the spectators while addressing matters that affect the masses. You had some big hits which resonated with the people. Again, we will remind you least you have forgotten."Rose giving me blows", "Fouchette in de Cabinet" to name a few. We do note that your first expression in your latest "Hold a Bank" calypso was " Money".  We understand daddy call you and daddy have plenty money, so you tell us in that song.  Is it the money that is drawing you?

You have heard time and time again " Money is the root of all evil." As a devout Methodist, how can you even think of compromising your standards for money. Politics is serious business. We are talking about peoples lives and their survival.  STOP and THINK real hard.  Others from the community have been cast aside when they did not bring home the victory which was anticipated. You and the community know that you will not win the Concord/Marigot seat on a Labour party ticket. You will be treated the same way as the others. They will use you and discard you.

Do not compromise your integrity with your peers.

Marigot is watching.