Updated: March 14, 2019
Left Audwin Hamlet, Dr. Jacob, FNP Nixon and Nurse Christmas

St. Andrews Hospital Foundation (SAHF), a registered, non-profit corporation located in the USA has donated supplies for diabetes care to Health Centers in St. Andrew and St. David Parish. The items were delivered to the Wesley Health Center on February 26, 2019 by Audwin Hamlet on behalf of SAHF.  Included among the donation were glucometers (blood sugar monitoring machines), glucometer test strips, lancets, alcohol wipes, cotton swabs, sterile gauze, nitrile gloves and bio-hazard sharps disposal containers. 

The items were received by Dr. Jacob and Staff at the Wesley at Wesley Healthcare Center. Distribution of items to the other Healthcare Centers (Atkinson, Calibishe, Marigot and Woodford Hill) will be coordinated by Dr. Jacobs. According to Dr. Jacob, "...the items are needed by the Centers and would be put into use immediately; there are no items to place into storage.." 

Diabetes Mellitus ('sugar diabetes') has surpassed high blood pressure (Hypertension) to emerge as the leading cause of morbidity (being diseased) and mortality (death) among adults in Dominica. Accordingly, SAHF chose diabetes care as the initial focus in the region. In keeping with its mission and objective, SAHF hopes to attenuate the impact of Diabetes Mellitus and its complication on the target population in St. Andrew Parish and adjoining districts.

This gift to the 5 Health centers in SAHF targeted Health districts in Dominica was made possible through a generous donation by Mr. Paul Phillip, through his company (DWP Technologies, dwptechnologies). SAHF wishes to thank Mr. Phillip for his generosity. SAHF decision to focus on  Diabetes Care in the target community was based on 'needs assessment' and service utilization in each of the health districts served by the respective Health Center.
SAHF  was established by Dominicans from the St. Andrew Parish who currently reside in the USA. Its mission is to raise funds for medical equipment, supplies and facilities to improve the general welfare of patients, staff and residents of the St. Andrew Parish in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The vision of the St. Andrew's Hospital Foundation is to ensure that all Residents of St. Andrew parish in the Commonwealth of Dominica have access to high quality health care services. Further information can be obtained by visiting the website (www.standdominica.org).