Updated: April 14, 2019
PSU Meeting on April 11th 2019 in Roseau Dominica (Photo Credit 3D)

On Thursday April 11, 2019, the Public Service Union (PSU) in Dominica held a well published rally at its headquarters in Roseau and seismic activities occurred in the bowels of the Dominica Labor Party, DLP.  This critical event likely marked a turning point in Roosevelt Skerrit and Labor Party fooling and manipulating Dominicans.  DLP hierarchy is fully aware that once Public Services turn against an administration, they are history. So what happened? While the Administration pretended to be unaware of the planned PSU meeting it was highly publicized for more than a week on local radio stations.

Roosevelt Skerrit, in his usual manipulative and deceptive character, hastily called a meeting of non-established workers to shed crocodile tears before them. In effect, saying that it is not his or his Administration's, but someone else fault why these workers have been without a defined position and without workers' benefits for 10 years; some even longer. Nonetheless, with immediate effect he is going to ensure that 53 workers get permanent positions and the attending benefits that they so deserve. It seems that those positions materialized out of thin air to be used at that time. The meeting was meant to serve dual  purposes - upstage PSU and intimidate low level  public sector workers; why was a roll call taken? Based on the response to the PSU workers rally, he failed in this effort at intimidation and manipulation.

Next out of  the gate was the inept and 'excuse for an administrator', minister of Agriculture and Deputy PM (Tete Calbash) Reggie Austrie. Sounding hoarse and scared, he proceeded to accuse the General Secretary of PSU of colluding with the Opposition United Workers Party to bring down his government and turn back the rapid pace of progress in the country.   He knows that both of these statement are false, but when you are scarred, with minimal cranial reserve, one never knows what comes out of the mouth. No one is sure what progress he is referring, but he was not specific. He just sounded scared that his feeding frenzy at the public trough may be ending soon.

Finally, there is the empty vessel, SC Tony Astaphan, who degrades UWI standards every time he opens his mouth and spews gibberish befitting someone under the influence of mind altering substances. He has been berating any and everyone who threatens his livelihood, which is mooching off  the Labor Party and Dominica's Tax payers.  He does so by spending his time bringing legal action against opponents of the Labor Administration and getting paid by the Labor Party and Government of Dominica to do so. Hence, it is no surprise that he is the most fervent defender of the DLP Administrator and their behaviorism in public office. Like the people he defends, he is a stranger to truth, degrading in his behavior and a stain on the legal profession. 

So, what is to be made of the virulent attack by DLP hierarchy on the PSU?  Simple! PSU has emerged as a clear and present danger to Labor Party Power. DLP will do whatever it takes to destroy the Union. Skerrit and many others around him, know that once he is demised from office and is no longer Prime Minister of Dominica, there are many legal risks lurking in the dark to scoop up and engulf him. His freedom depends on being in office, especially as Prime Minister of Dominica. The Dominican Public should be acutely aware that Roosevelt Skerrit will do whatever it takes to retain and maintain power. This has absolutely nothing to do with Dominicans or Dominica, but has everything to do with his freedom and ability to continue troting the Globe to ply his Passport Selling Business.