Updated: March 05, 2021


In mid March 2019, Dominica Labor Party Administration and the Chinese Communist Party Dehumanization Machinery celebrated 15-years of collaboration to dehumanize and demoralize Dominicans, an exercise masquerading as Dominica-China Friendship. Both the Labor Party Administration and the Chinese Embassy in Dominica issued all sorts of nice 'back-patting' statement that leaves one struggling to determine whether we are living in a utopian paradise created by Labor Party and their master, the Chinese Central Government.  Or, is this a 'Fools Paradise' concocted by DLP Administration and Beijing to further tranquilize Dominicans and destroy their Sovereignty.  The fact is, neither the Dominica Labor Party Administration and its most ardent supporters nor the Chinese Central Government give a hoot about what is happening to most Dominicans. All that matters is that the Skerrit-lead regime is padded for survival;  that they are well cared for by their masters, the Chinese, and that these Masters are provided a path in their quest to establish a Chinese Satellite State in the Caribbean.

Slavery Reprise

Upfront, it should be emphasized that the Chinese government have no regards for Africans or their diaspora, but have found pliable 'suckers' in the frame of Foolish, Crocked, Corrupt African and Caribbean Leaders to further their interests. Like the slave Trade more than 400 years ago, Black People are again being used to capture other blacks for a few pieces of silver. The African prototype is the regime in Zambia. This African Country has been overrun by China, against the will of the populace, but with willing participation of  'crocked governmental officials' who are direct beneficiary of Chinese underhandedness.  Those who question this statement, may be ignorant of the fact that the Chinese government has absolutely no respect for individual or collective human rights within China, let alone racial equality; all that matters is survival of the Central Communist Party and its hegemony. We recently reached the 30-year mark of the Tienanmen Square Massacre (original massacre date May 20, 1989) which was marked on May 20, 2019. Any word from China about human right violation in Dominica? Of course not!  Except for the Dominica Labor Party hierarchy and its hangers-on, the benefits of China to Dominica remains highly questionable. Like any dictatorial regime, the Chinese contribution have been invoked in monuments in Dominica to bamboozle people:  the poorly constructed Dominica State College Buildings, Dominica Chinese Friendship Bridge, resurfacing of the West Coast Road without engineering upgrades (another scam hoisted on Dominicans), the State Malice (sorry 'Presidential Palace') and the crowning Jewel, the Uni-functional Roseau Stadium. This latter structure was supposed to be free, but no one knows the truth because Dominicans have never seen the '2004 Memorandum of  Understanding'; it remains a highly guarded secret. The behavior of the Labor Administration over the past decades remains concerning for many reasons. 

Arrest and Intimidation

Today, March 4, 2021 Dominican woke-up to the news that two young men, Lynworth Mitchell and Jawanza Stuart, were arrested for flying a drown in the vicinity of the Chinese Spy Embassy and Roosevelt Skerrit $65,000 monthly, taxpayor-funded palaces in Morne Daniel, Dominica. They are being investigated for espionage! Really? Against which state? China or Dominica. On which country’s behalf were these young men operating?

The is the most frightening aspect of the DLP Administration's approach to opposition and decent. But it is the Chinese way. In every aspect, the past 16 years of Dominica-China relationship have been of questionable benefit to native Dominicans. On the other hand, Chinese business supported by favorable terms  from both the Chinese and Dominican Governments have decimated the local businesses through their practice of selling 'junk' consumer products to Dominicans. What else have Dominica and Dominicans lost during this 16 years of Dominica - China friendship? There are numerous examples, but a few will suffice to drive home the point that this relationship has not been good for Dominica, never mind that Skerrit and his friends benefited in ways that are currently immeasurable as they have all being done in the Dark. In fact, jailed criminal Ng Lap Seng  (aka Mr. Woo, aka David Ng) openly boasted that he provided Mr. Skerrit with all sort of 'gifts', including cash, in order to relinquish diplomatic relationship with Taiwan and establish Diplomatic ties with China.  Skerrit foolishly accommodated China and for his effort was reportedly paid a 7-figure signing bonus by the Chinese Government. In so doing, a listening post to eve-droop on the USA and it’s allies took hold in Dominica.

Governing in the Dark

After 16 years, Dominicans are still waiting to see the text of the original Memorandum of Understanding between Dominica and China. Apparently, a modern, state-of-the-art hospital to replace the flagship Princess Margaret hospital was part of the agreement. Dominicans are still waiting. What is unknown is how much of Dominica's real estate (Government property, national parks, rivers, waterfront, mountains ecetera) were surrendered to China in return for substandard, poorly utilized facilities like the State Malice (official resident of the President of Dominica), the dangerously degraded E.O. Leblanc highway or the grossly underutilized, dysfunctional national stadium in Roseau.

Abuse of the Police Service to advance political agenda

In many ways, public safety has deteriorated on the island. Death from road accident continue to rise, gun violence, and murder are going in the wrong direction and praedial larceny is out of control. This at a time when the police service has been transformed into a para-military organization that seems to serve the Dominica Labor Party Administration rather than serve and protect the Public.  The Prime Minister walks around with an entourage of armed security Personnel drawn from the Dominica Police Force; a levels hitherto unseen in Dominica. This said, public servants operate at the whim of the labor party to intimidate the Public which they swear to serve.

Deranged Governance

Like the Chinese Communist Party, the central dogma of the deranged Dominica Labor Party Administration is people control through propaganda. This philosophy is maintained through an unrelenting distortion of information, bolstered by a corrupt hierarchy at Dominica Broadcasting Corporation and Government Information Service, GIS, to  ensure ongoing monopoly on power through brainwashing, misinformation or 'whatever it takes'.  At the same time, those welding power also live much better than average Dominicans. Can you see the pattern with China? Indeed, the DLP government has adopted many of these strategies without calling themselves the Dominica Communist Party. Lying and bending the truth have become commonplace, brainwashing their followers is now a way of life and demonizing and demagogic degradation of opposition parties have become routine for DLP. When that does not work, the DLP Administration has been turning to imprisonment of opposition members. This is what has just been hoisted on the two young Dominicans. Things are going to get much more dire before Dominica rises again.

Eve of Tienanmen Square Light?

Dominicans at home and abroad have to guard against Tienanmen Square Light because Roosevelt Skerrit, Anthony Astaphan (chief government apologist) Charles  Savarin (Illegal President), the Police Commission(aka Mumu) and others do not care how many Dominican may die in the name of saving their hide. The labor administration knows that they will loose power and possible their freedom within the next 4 years so they are resorting to Chinese Style Intimidation.  Indeed, in 2014 election, police commissioner Daniel Carbon threatened use of Lethal Force to ensure that illegal overseas voters would have safe passage and voting Dominica. It worked and the Dominican acquiesced to his threats. One day, Daniel Carbon, Roosevelt Skerrit, Anthony Astaphan and the others who have so critically wounded Dominica will pay dearly. No one knows when but, spirituality notwithstanding,  people who are deliberately deprived and injured do not forget their villains.  At this time, Dominicans should not get comfortable with the belief that this group of unscrupulous individuals are going to relinquish the reigns of power as previously done by the Dominica Freedom Party or the United Workers.  From the looks of things, this crop of Pirates are prepared to destroy Dominica on their way out...! The Chinese Communist Party has been in power for 72 years (since 1949). Today, March 5, 2021 China will be holding its annual "People's Congress" charade which is presented as democratic. Never mind this will be virtual event because of COVID-19 pandemic, things won't change - there will be no decent, all outcomes are pre-determined and as in past decade, there is one political party. In Dominica, DLP is hoping to mirror that feat and rule Dominica forever.
Only Dominicans, can alter this trajectory..... Tienanmen Square, Hong Kong, Mongolia, the minority Uyghur population in China hold stringent  lessons of things to come if DLP intransigence is allowed to continue for the next 50 years .......