Updated: September 26, 2020


       'Crusading Against Oppression’; circa 1979.    Now the 'Oppressor'

Dominica is considered an unstable country which can erupt into unrest without warning signs. This view was cemented by recent travel advisory issued to US Citizens by the state department office in Barbados, in late August 2020, imploring them to be cautious about travel to Dominica.  In Dominica, the dominant factor driving civil instability, street demonstrations and protests for the past five years is 'electoral reform'.  Despite the disquieting unease, Charles Angelo Savarin, the President and Head of State for that Nation seems to be in perpetual hibernation. In so doing, Mr. Savarin has contributed to uncertainty and sustenance of the underlying instability in Dominica. He does not seem concerned and is doing nothing to extinguish the smoldering fire that has been burning for several years now. Never mind that this tropical nation only has one climatic state, 'hot', it has successfully generated at least one hibernating mammal, its President. This creature, used to be respected by many, now he is lambasted and at times reviled. He cares more about the Dominica Labor Party and the DLP Administration rather than to uphold the island's constitution. He is beholden to DLP as he never successfully won any elected office and was elevated to 'Minister' when he left the Dominica Freedom Party, DFP, to join DLP.

Mr. Savarin is not stupid. In fact, to the contrary, he was once considered clever, measured but decisive in his actions. Just ask former Prime Minster, Patrick John! At that time, circa 1970's, Savarin was admired for his stance against political oppression and prosecution. Now he has aligned with the Oppressive DLP to trample on the rights to free speech and to freely assemble in Dominica.  Charles Savarin has been able to seize on multiple opportunities to promote and enrich himself over the past 15-20 years; he has joined DLP to become the Oppressor.  As pressure mounts on the incompetent DLP Administration to 'do something' for the faltering economy in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic and, to support meaningful electoral reform, as a diversionary tactic he is coming out of his hibernation. His sole purpose is to mess-up Dominica's Electoral Commission and hand DLP the tools it needs to remain in office for the foreseeable future.

Mr. Savarin presided over the destruction of the Dominica Freedom Party which is still trying to recover from his sellout to the Labor Party. He presided over the death of the Integrity in Public Office Commission to save Roosevelt Skerrit's hide and suppress release of documents that would have clearly revealed that Skerrit's assets were in-congruent with his income as Prime Minister. His lawyers have also succeeded in convincing the Courts that as sitting President he is not required to reveal his assets. As President, and the individual with constitutional power to structure the Electoral Commission, Savarin has colluded with the DLP to ensure that there were no electoral reform in Dominica over the past 11 years. He is once more standing in the way of electoral reform, like a big stone in the road. 

At this moment, nine and a half months after the last general election, Dominica does not have a functioning Electoral Commission. With no apologies, the blame for this mess can be laid squarely on the shoulders of Charles Savarin. Without a Chairperson, the Electoral Commission is non-functional. Notwithstanding, Savarin is still talking about electoral reform being essential to protect Dominica's Democracy while simultaneously refusing to perform his constitutionally mandated responsibility to select an individual to serve as Chairperson of the Electoral Commission! This is a deliberate act, designed to maneuver around the constitutional responsibilities of the Electoral Commission. It is being done to buy time for the governing DLP Administration to bypass the Electoral Commission via a bogus DLP-appointed external hit-man / Commissioner (Denis Byron).  The retired Jurist has been selected to head a Cabinet-created Commission that will serve a single purpose - to generate a DLP favorable report on Electoral reform. This work is the purvey of the Electoral Commission. However, in Roosevelt Skerrit's word, whatever recommendations come out of Byron one-man commission will be taken straight to Parliament.  Then, DLP can use it illegally acquired parliamentary majority to change two key Acts: Registration of Electors and House Assembly Elections Acts. The goal is to legitimize 'Cheating and Treating' during elections and to remove the '5-year residency requirement' for voting in elections in Dominica.  

Former PM Eugenia Charles, now deceased, was not thrilled or impressed with Savarin. Nevertheless, in her deepest imagination, when she encouraged Freedomites in Dominica to vote for the Dominica Labor Party to get rid of the United Workers Party Administration in 1999,  she did not anticipate that her recommendation(s) would ensure destruction of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) that she built and, eventually elevate Charles Savarin to the Presidency. Maybe, all of Savarin's recent activities are designed to get back at Eugenia Charles, even in the grave. Unfortunately, Dominica have suffered due to Savarin irresponsible deposition. At every turn in the past 10 years, Charles Savarin has collaborated with the DLP to ensure continued oppression of Dominicans by a sinister, heartless bunch of DLP manipulators who have been passing as a governing administration.  It is time for Savarin to follow the lead of despicable former Speaker of Dominica's House of Assembly, Alix Boyd-Knight, and get out of the Presidency. Go seek forgiveness for the misery now confronting Dominicans. Good riddance! Madame Speaker will advise that she is enjoying her retirement; so should you! Dominica will be better without the likes of Charles Savarin as President.