Updated: October 18, 2020



Dominica has reached 'rock bottom'. It has the smallest economy, most poverty, greatest dependency on government and the most Corrupt Administration in the history of the OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States) group of countries. Things cannot get any more dire.  On the other-hand, for those who reside in the alternative stratosphere of the 'nouveau riche' circling the wagon of  a dying nation, Dominica is in fantastic shape. In the eye of this latter group, which includes the Prime Minister, senior members of the DLP Cabinet, a few former ministers and a small cadre of crocked lawyers, life in Dominica is a dream. To augment this wonderland phenomenon, a
bout 6-weeks ago on September 6, 2020 on his weekly Program 'En Nous Parle Sot', prolific liar, perennial deceiver and serial law-breaker,  Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced a new program - Dominica Entrepreneurship VISA Program, DEVP (De Vep). This new program is being lunched while there is an outstanding XCD $1.6 billion of CBI income from the past 2 years for which PM and Finance Minister Skerrit has been unable to provide any explanation. All that is known - it is not in the island's Treasury.

De-Vep is supposed to enhance foreign direct investment in Dominica. But, is that its intended purpose?  With prior experience of how the island's Citizenship by Investment, CBI, funds has been mismanaged and abused by the DLP Administration, one can state with a high degree of confidence that De-Vep is another scheme aimed at enriching Roosevelt Skerrit and his closed circle of unconscionable hyenas, DLP Legal Advisors and Senior Cabinets members. An insidious but just as veracious 'feeder class' are a sub-group of DAIC (Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce) and Hoteliers who have turned a blind eye to the theft of island resources as long as they are getting their 'cut'. For the latter group, greed knows no bound. De-Vep will be headed by an extract from DAIC - one Kenny Green, an ardent cheerleader for the DLP brand of governance. Do not be fooled, Kenny Green will not be forthright. He will not dissociate himself from this scheme designed to ensure Dark Money reaches all the aforementioned groups without ever entering Dominica's Treasury.  In the meantime, this once prosperous and promising island will continue to mire in poverty and despair.

We had previously learnt from the TASS Russian News Agency on August 28, 2018 that the 'Russian Government endorsed visa waiver agreement with Commonwealth of Dominica' ! This was not casual day-to-day diplomatic activity. At least, not for those who have been following the DLP's illegalities around the globe, encompassing Malaysia, Ghana, Cyprus, North Korea, Nigeria, Macao, Russian Federation, Greece and Dubai.   The influence and role of the Russian Oligarchy, acting through the Russian Government to create confusion for their financial benefit, is well established.  How many Dominicans are interested in traveling to the Russian Federation? The answer is, except for the DLP-affiliated crooks, None! On the other hand, we do know that many Russian oligarch are interested in gaining a foothold in the Caribbean to launder their ill-gained wealth and live the 'good life'.

Collectively, these groups of International Investors (Thugs) has net worth north of US$500 billion (XCD/EC 1.335 trillion) and are constantly searching for locations around the globe to legitimize their wealth!  What is better than 'investing' in a country whose economy had been driven into the doldrums by poor governance and corruption.  This could be a win win for autocrats and dictators (Putin in Russia, Erdogan in Turkey, others), their loyal circle of Oligarchs and the Labor Administration in Dominica.  The mobs wash their money far from the prying eyes of the European Union, Canada, Australia and the USA, their images are enhanced as saviors of poor countries like Dominica, while the DLP  Administration survives in perpetuity to continue running wild with Dominica's Financial and Natural Resources. In the eyes of these International 'Investors' and the shameless bunch in DLP Administration, sovereignty and nationality are useless hindrances that are both meaningless and worthless.

While the Dominican populace are busy attending to and, contemplating their survival in a poor economy in the era of COVID-19 Pandemic, Skerrit and his top Lieutenants (conspirators) have been busy attending to matters in Dubai, Northwestern Africa (particularly Nigeria and Ghana), and Russian Federation. The purpose of these seemingly unrelated activities are to simultaneously ensure the Administration's survival and secondly to convince the populace that things will get better on the island.  Could De-Vep serve as a vehicle for insidious entry of the Russian and Chinese Mob into Dominica? In this regard, Dominicans need to pay close attention to some of the strange happenings on the islands. These include the purchasing of land in Wesley, Palm Tree and Wood-ford Hill supposedly to construct an International Airport, when no Environment Impact and Feasibility studies have not be done, no serious design plans have been presented to the public and no structured interaction with stakeholders in the affected villages have been executed. Islanders have to remember the 20-year history of deception and destruction that the DLP Administration has wrought on the island. Not a single project that affords Foreign Exchange to Ordinary Citizens have been completed in 20 years. Pay attention to Portsmouth, Wesley, Tan Tan, Toucari and Campbell where 'dark money' from around the world may land as a their new home. Why the sudden interest in moving people out of Wesley? Campbell? It is not lost on locales that Campbell has nine waterfalls and Wesley to Woodford Hill has outstanding ocean views and hidden coves. 

The question is which path the current Administration will take to bring development dollars into Dominica. Based on their history, they are likely to take the easy way out and pursue 'dark, easy money' from questionable characters, crooks and scoundrels rather than operate above board in Public view. Remember Alireza Monfared and 'My Dominica Trade House' was supposed to be building State-of-the-Art hospitals at Weirs in Marigot, Roseau and the west coast.  Clearly, the Skerrit-lead Labor Administration has not learnt anything over their 21 years in power. Except, this time they are pursuing state-sponsored dark money from Russians, Chinese and 'investors' in Dubai. Dominicans need to be mindful that 'there are no free lunches'; someone has to pay and that someone will be Dominicans. For instance, when Japan complained about Dominican-flagged shipped violating UN sanctions, Dominica got the black eye; no mention was made of the DLP Administration. When De-Vep blows internationally, Dominica will also take the blame. It is time for Dominicans to take a stance against this scourge and say ENOUGH!!