Updated: October 25, 2020

Past members of Dominica Electoral Commission who were submitted by the governing party and the chairman selected by the President were hamstring by the connection to sale of Dominican citizenship under the Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) Program. Hence, in their role as Commissioners, the interest of Dominicans was an afterthought. Almost eleven months after the last general elections on December 6, 2019, the  President, Charles Savarin finally acted while Roosevelt Skerrit and despicable Anthony Astaphan held a hammer over his head! Just in case he made the 'wrong move'.
The existence and financial well being of all three individuals selected by the Prime Minister and President respectively are dependent on the Dominica Labor Party (DLP) remaining in power and affording them the opportunity to continue selling Dominican Citizenship. So, how can these individuals represent the interest of Dominicans?  Lets get real! These three individuals have been selected to do the bidding of the DLP and ensure that DLP retains power at any cost. They have been bought.

With no ambiguity, Dominicans are within their rights to state that Duncan Stowe, Alick Lawrence and Lennox Lawrence are all compromised Commissioners. They are challenged at their core and will not have the courage to forego the financial largess in favor of Dominica; they will not disentangle themselves from the extensive illegalities of the DLP administration. At the center of their challenges is the DLPs' motto 'Some shall eat, while the rest of the islands grovels for crumbs'.  Hence, when decisions have to be made by these three commissioners, foremost in their minds will be concerns for their financial well being, rather than the rights of all Dominicans. Those coming to the defense of Stowe, Lawrence and Lawrence, uttering nonsense that they should be given a chance, wish that the critiques of these flawed Attorneys suspend their sense of disbelief. How stupid and idiotic do they believe people are? Do they not remember that, 16 years earlier, Dominicans were asked to give Skerrit a chance. Look where it has gotten the island! Witness the monster, in the person of Roosevelt Skerrit, that has emerged.

Commissioners Lawrence, Lawrence and Stowe have not demonstrated the characteristics worthy of persons who should be trusted.  As agents of the Courts they sat idly while the rights of Dominicans to assemble, to protest and vote were being violated by the DLP Administration. Given an antecedent history of becoming exceedingly wealthy on selling passports to Dodgy Characters all over the world, how can they be trusted? There is no need to wait to see what they will do! The Cake is baked. They have aided and abetted the DLP Administration in the past 15-20 years to usurp Dominica's Law and misappropriate the island's Finance. Newly-swan Electoral Commissioners Duncan Stowe, Alick Lawrance and Lennox Lawrence should a) surrender the ill-gain wealth and Property accumulated in the past 15-20 years and b) demonstrate contrition for past transgression against the state with respect to their role in the Citizenship-by-Investment Program. Such action would demonstrate a seriousness of purpose. Anything less is unacceptable.